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BEOMACH Crushing Screening Machines

In BEOMACH, the production is carried out in a wide range of stages. Approved customer requests are transferred to the project section, design work is done by the expert project team for the orders, technical calculations, and production drawings are completed. In the production phase, starting from material entry control, cutting-twist control, manufacturing control, welding control, and paint controls are done with care.

Manufacturing process; It consists of four main parts: welded manufacturing, machining, paint, and automation system. Production quality in BEOMACH, with the resources made by fully certified welders, after painting with blasting, high efficiency in all kinds of concrete production and single or twin shaft mixers designed with the desired quality, and with automation system using SCHNEIDER (PROKSER) technology, It is provided.


Customer-oriented working strategy aimed at full customer satisfaction.

To offer different, functional and quality products for our customers with our expert staff.

In addition to maintaining our leadership in the domestic market, being a well-known and preferred company in the world markets.

All types and capacities of concrete batching plant, ready to work in a market model to respond to customer demands immediately.


BEOMACH, with the motto “Quality is not coincidence,” has a strong project and production infrastructure, with great knowledge, which attaches great importance to research and development to meet customer needs.

Customer satisfaction is the biggest goal of our company .Concrete Batching Plants can reach every part of the world, is rapidly increasing its international market share, competitiveness is turned favor of Turkey. In the coming years, with the capacity of producing 100 concrete plants, strategic partnerships with Europe’s leading manufacturers aim to provide superior services to the world’s new markets.

With the founders and technical team working in the concrete batching plant sector for more than 20 years, i Quality is not a coincidence will carry out its vision with determination.

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