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In all crushing and screening plants usually used belt conveyors to provide transmission between the main machines and the storage process.
All belt conveyors that are manufactured by BEOMACH produced according to size and usage area as with special bending plate chassis, tube chassis and U profile chassis.

Belt conveyor with special bending chassis: is manufactured as bolted and welded construcon from 4 mm special bending plate.
U-profile chassis belt conveyor : is manufactured as bolted and welded construcon from NPU profile.
All belt conveyor rubbers are used in the range of quality 4 decks 10 mm EP 100 and 5 decks 15 mm EP 160 according to usage are and abrasion.
Electric motors brand is EMTAŞ or GAMAK.
Reducers are used as a two-stage heavy-duty type.
Driving drums manufactured with rubber coang.
SNH series in driving and tension drum are used for bearing housing.
Drum shas connected to drum with conic fixed hub.
Belts are produced in the dimensions of the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 meters
modules and connected with bolts.
If needed walking path is produced for the belt.
Weighted tension is used for 30 meters and over sized belt.
Double walking path is used for 30 meters and over size double-driving belts.

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