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Beomach Horizontal vibrating screens (Vibration Controlled Screens) are the most advanced point in the design of the screen and prevent the
clogging of the screen wire mesh by the action of oval vibration and allow the material to spread at an equal rate to the screen surface. With three powerful
drive systems, it combines at two points in each turn, allowing the material to move forward. These screens are new generation screens with higher capacities,
higher screening efficiency, and lower return load than other screens. The oval stroke angle and stroke force can be easily controlled with the adjustment mechanism in
the middle gear and additional weight bars.
Beomach Horizontal Vibrating Screens have the strength and strong body structure to meet the force applied to the body by powerful drive systems. With its unique design of
Beomach machine oil-lubricated form, it is liquid oil which is self-contained and performs lubrication process by the effect of three drive systems. These screens are easy to
maintain, have very low operating costs, and high capacity

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